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STS Digital Dynamic Experience, Volume 1 (STS6111109)

Dynamic Experience, Volume 1.

They say: This is the most dynamic CD STS Digital has ever produced, with the help of the MW Coding Process. Heavy stuff - and one warning, this CD is not very suitable to play on small bookshelf loudspeakers, but a big fun on large loudspeakers.

Air Audio says - this is one fantastic CD. Great tracks from well known artists, re-mastered to sound AMAZING! Also try Volume 2.


  1. Earth and Fire Orchestra - Frames
  2. Grace Jones - Don't Cry It's Only
  3. Yello The Eye - Don Turbulento
  4. Victor Wooten - Live in America
  5. Gary Boyle - Grumble
  6. The Sheffield Drumrecords - Jim Keltner
  7. Stevie Ray Vaughan - Roughest place
  8. Hans Theessink - Missing you
  9. Aquamarine - My Blue Star
  10. Matthijs Dekker - Soundfield Microphone

STS Digital Dynamic Experience, Volume 2 (STS6111121)

Dynamic Experience Volume 1 is superb, but Volume 2 is even better - more dynamics in combination with great music.

Dynamic Experience Volume 1 is superb, but Volume 2 is even better - more dynamics for the very best sound in combination with great music. Remastered using the STS MW coding process, for the very best sound.


  1. Dominique Miller - Rush Hour
  2. Janis Ian - Breaking Silence
  3. Marcus Miller - Mr. Pastoriu
  4. Kraftwerk - Aeró Dynamik
  5. Earth and Fire Orchestra - Escape
  6. Yello ft. Shirley Bassey - Rhythm Divine
  7. Drum les du tons - Improvisation
  8. Mari Boine - Vuolgge Mu Mielde Bassivarrái
  9. Joe Satriani - SRM
  10. Doug MacLeod - Come to find
  11. Supertramp - Rudy
  12. Level 42 - Dune Tune
  13. Rammstein - Los
  14. James Blake - Limit to your love

STS Digital Dynamic Experience Volume 3 (STS6111126)

Great songs, sounding sublime.

This is the most 'dynamic' series of CD's STS Digital has ever produced, with the help of the MW Coding Process. Heavy stuff! - and one warning, this CD is not very suitable to play LOUD on small bookshelf loudspeakers, you may damage them - but a big fun on larger loudspeakers and shows how wide a range of dynamics the CD medium can achieve and how this offers a sense of scale and reality to the music.

Volume 3 has a great range of musical styles from the likes of Lou Reed, Paul Simon, Tom Jones and Laurie Anderson


  1. Rickie Lee Jones ft Leo Kottke - Tigers
  2. Tony Joe White - Menutha
  3. Ali Farka Toure ft Ry Cooder - Commi
  4. Bliss - Sleep will come
  5. Tom Jones - 24 hours
  6. DJ Elio - Rocco Sifredi
  7. Laurie Anderson - The puppet hotel
  8. Paul Simon - Pigs sheep and wolves
  9. Ricky Peterson - It’s all right
  10. Lou Reed and John Cale - Faces and names
  11. Jacob ter Veldhuis - Danza I
  12. Circle Percussion - Steam train


With: Leonardo Armuedo ( Guitars), Rob van Kreeveld (Piano), Hans Eikenaar (Drums), Jimmy Haslip (Bass),

Frits Landesbergen (Vibraphone and synthesizer), Jeroen de Rijk ( Percussion)

Tracklist: Demotracks click up the underscribed tracks ( 2,6,9 )


Gregor Hamilton Love Songs

Tracklist: Demotracks click up the underscribed tracks ( 2, 6, 12)

STS Digital Art and Spirit of Music Vol. 3. 'Dutch Jazz Legends' (STS6111137)

The Art and Spirit of Music, Vol. 3. 'Dutch Jazz Legends'

Reviewed by Ken Kesler in Hi-Fi News and Record Review magazine and receiving a great 89/100, a very high musicality/music rating; this volume 3 of the Art and Spirit of Music series - 'Dutch Jazz Legends' offers you a selection of jazz classics, all served up with the STS engineering sound that makes for quality audiophile listening pleasure.

Historically the Dutch jazz scene has always been very vivid and inspiring; such legends as the Dutch Swing College Band, Pia Beck an Rita Reys were able to emerge from the Dutch Jazz scene. These legends formed the base for a whole new generation of brilliant musicians who worked their way onto world stage, to the ranks of internationally acclaimed jazz musicians.

'Dutch Jazz Legends' is a new chapter in Dutch jazz history. Directed by Ben van den Dungen (Woody Shaw, Mal Waldron) and Michael Varekamp (Dutch Swing College Band, Scott Hamilton) this new generation is ready to touch your heart and ears with their renditions in the unique and timeless jazz art form. With reference to the glory days of jazz, this first album of 'Dutch Jazz Legends' is soulful, touching and irresistible - swinging it's way through the third CD of our series 'Celebrating the art & spirit of music'. Enjoy.


  1. Moonlight in Vermont
  2. Sophisticated lady
  3. Strike up the band
  4. Do you know what it means
  5. Easy to remember
  6. Where or when
  7. I want to be happy
  8. In a sentimental mood
  9. Somewhere over the rainbow
  10. Misty
  11. Spring can really hang you
  12. Mona Lisa
  13. What’s new
  14. My funny Valentine
  15. Satin doll


  • Michael Varekamp, Trumpet
  • Ben van den Dungen, Tenor saxophone
  • Jasper Soffers, Piano
  • Marius Beets, Double Bass
  • Joost Patocka, Drums
  • STS Digital Incredible Music and Recordings, Volume 1 (STS6111115)

    Incredible music and recordings, Volume 1. 24 bit MW coding process re-mastered recordings on CD.

    Lovely music, re-engineered by STS through their unique MW process from 24 bit masters, to sound so much clearer, dynamic and natural. All three volumes in the series are equally entertaining and will also fully demonstrate your music systems potential through the medium of CD.


    1. When Things Go Wrong - Archie Sheep (on sax)
    2. Little Wing - Jonas Eliborg
    3. Django - Tim Kliphuis
    4. In the Arms of a Woman - Lonneke and Jan
    5. The Men You Were - Shirley Horn
    6. If It's Magic - George Carlo and Petra Rosa
    7. Mam'selle - Frank Sinatra
    8. My Ideal Jazz - Trio Buddy Tate
    9. On Fire - Edward Val
    10. Kompet Gar - Terje Rypdal (demo track)
    11. Les Tontons Makoude - Claude Salmieri
    12. Violoncelle - Revue Audio
    13. Dance for Orchestra - USC conducted by Bruno de Greeve
    14. Mozart "Voi chi sapete" - Anne Sophie von Otter
    15. Appasionata Vocalisse - Han de Vries
    16. Miloga Del Angel - Resonance Quartet
    17. Tramonata - J. Jongen
    18. Harp Concertos Händel - Acedemy of St. Martins in the Field, Iona Brown
    19. Shostakovich Preludes & Fugues - Michiel Ras

    STS Digital Incredible Music and Recordings, Volume 2 (STS6111116)

    24 bit MW coding process re-mastered recordings on CD.

    Lovely music, re-engineered by STS through their unique MW process from 24-bit masters, to sound so much clearer, dynamic and natural. All three volumes in the series are equally entertaining and will also fully demonstrate your music system's potential through the medium of CD.


    1. Strange Fruit - Lils Mackintosh
    2. George Carlo Live - George Carlo and Band
    3. Nice and Easy - Shyla Zoet
    4. Nobody Else But Me - Frits Landesbergen Big Band
    5. Moaning - B.Timmons
    6. Living for You - George Carlo
    7. Do It Again - Judy Garland live
    8. Midnight in Vermont - Tim Kliphuis
    9. Ailein Duinn - Karen Matheson
    10. Fever - Carmen Gomes
    11. The Sentimental Touch - Imgram Washington
    12. Gone Rain or Shine - Eline
    13. Escuolo - Astor Piazolla
    14. Improvisation - Bernhard - Drums
    15. Touch / Pulse - Maarten van der Valk
    16. Odaiko - Circle Percussion

    STS Digital Incredible Music and Recordings Volume 4 (STS6111130)

    More great tracks recorded right by STS Digital


    More great tracks recorded right by STS Digital
    1. Another life - Gregor Hamliton
    2. Ugly old town - Lils Mackintosh
    3. Fly me to the moon - Tom Gable
    4. I can't make you love me - Bonnie Raitt (Capital Records )
    5. Lullaby -Jazz to the max (Maxanter Records)
    6. I am not so though - Edward val
    7. In the wee small hours - Ann burton (
    8. Moanin - Acoustic Solutions
    9. Fourtysamething - Elenore
    10. Calle ventura - Alian labrie
    11. Equinox - Houston person
    12. Music emotion - joop Stokkermans
    13. Eustachio romano les passions
    14. Pie jesu - Ellen van zomeren
    15. Ravel - Amstelkwartet

    STS Digital Dynamic Experiance Classics Vol. 1 (STS6111139)

    An excellent selection of well known classical pieces that have great dynamic range and detail.

    The first classical music CD in the STS Digital 'Dynamic Experience' catalogue. A selection of well known classical pieces all beautifully performed, that exhibit great dynamic range and musical detail, and when re-mastered with the STS MW process, show these off to full effect.


    1. Firebird - Igor Stravinski (4'25")
    2. Cindarella Suite no.1/3 - Sergej Prokafiev (3'23")
    3. Cindarella Suite no.1/5 - Sergej Prokafiev (5'09")
    4. Gun Battle - Aarron Copeland (2'02")
    5. La Valsa - Maurice Ravel (6'12")
    6. Hary Janos Suite no. 5 - Zoltan Kodaly (3'01")
    7. Pictures at an exhibition - Moussorgsky (3'54")
    8. Radetzky March - J Strauss (3'45")
    9. An Americal in Paris - Gershwin (12'43")
    10. 1812 Overture (17'21")

    STS Digital Diamond Voices of the 50's (6111140)

    A fine selection of songs from female singers of the 50's.

    This STS Digital CD offers a fine selection of songs from female singers of the 50's, including some classic songs from Doris Day, Peggy Lee, Julie London and Dinah Shore. If you love the music of the 50's, this CD is for you. As per usual, they have gone back to original recordings and woven their magic at the mixing desk (re-engineered by STS through their unique MW process) to produce some magically musical moments - 16 of them!


    1. Doris Day – Penny from Heaven
    2. Dakota Station – Close Your Eyes
    3. Dinah Shore – The Man I Love
    4. Julie London – But Not For Me
    5. Peggy Lee – Empty Glass
    6. Dakota Station – Dedicated to You
    7. Dinah Shore – My Buddy
    8. Doris Day – The Way You Look Tonight
    9. Julie London – I’ll Remember April
    10. Peggy Lee – My Guitar
    11. Dakota Station – Be Anything
    12. Dinah Shore – That Old Feeling
    13. Doris Day – Over the Rainbow
    14. Peggy Lee – I Wanna Be Loved
    15. Julie London – People Who Are Born In May
    16. Doris Day – It’s Easy To Remember

    STS Digital Groove into Bits, Volume 1 (STS6111119)

    The best sounding CD ever? Hi-Fi News Album Choice August 2012. Sound quality 95%, the best ever rating in Hi-Fi News magazine we believe.

    When reviewer Ken Kestler says 'do whatever you can to get a copy' of Groove into Bits Vol. 1, you know its going to be something special. This Various Artists CD, produced at the STS Digital studios, from vinyl, yes vinyl recordings, using their unique recording processes, is surely a CD everyone should have in their collection - alongside lots of other brilliant STS CDs of course.

    Who said CD was dead!? Not us, nor STS Digital.


    1. Shawn Colvin - Steady On
    2. Amos Lee - Last Days at the Lodge
    3. Dead Can Dance - Saltarello
    4. The Stranglers - Golden Brown
    5. Hans Theesink & Terry Evans - Come to the River
    6. Lou Donaldson - Blues Walk
    7. Labi Siffre - So Strong (demo track)
    8. Sam Lightnin Hopkins - Il Blues
    9. Cynder Peters - House of the Rising Sun
    10. Paolo Conte - Come Di
    11. Ofra Haza - Kirya
    12. Paul Simon - Homeless
    13. Eva Cassidy - Wade in the Water
    14. The King Singers -MONEY Money



    STS Digital Ingram Washington 'SWEET ‘N’ LOW' (STS6111102)



    1. Summer Wind

    2. Embraceable You

    3. Don’t Go To Strangers

    4. Imagination

    5. Safe Your Love For Me

        6. Witchcraft

         7. Love Letter

         8. Always

         9. How Do You Keep The Music Playing

         10. I’ve Grown Accustomed To Her Face



    STS Digital Ingram Washington 'What a difference a Day Makes' (STS6111143)

    Ingram Washington, 'What a difference a day makes', 180gm SPECIAL EDITION vinyl

    INGRAM WASHINGTON - jazz vocalist.

    Born in 1940, Ingram grew up in Detroit, US and learned his singing skills listening to jazz from age 10, such as Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Billy Eckstine and many more that have long been forgotten.

    Listening to the old ballads at that time became one of Ingram's favourite past times and he became very close to the mellow tones of singers like Nat King Cole, Al Hibbler, Joe Williams, and of course the man he admires most for his deep baritone voice, Arthur Prysock.

    Ingram has performed in clubs and concerts in every corner of the globe, (from the most northern ports of Norway to the southern tips of New Zealand, including Austria, Australia, U.S.A. France, Germany, Switzerland, Holland and Belgium), he has worked with many well known and great artists such as Nina Simone, Ray Charles, Scott Hamilton, Teddy Edwards, Spanky Wilson, Harry "Sweets" Edison, Cees Slinger (NL), John Marshall (ENG) and Robby Agerbeek (NL).

    This lovely compilation album, out first on CD and now offered as a special edition 180gm LP is pressed from the Direct Metal Master (DMM) and offers the listener a fine selection of standards and less well known songs from the 'Great American Songbook' that compliment Ingram's mellow style and dark baritone voice, re-engineered and pressed for the highest fidelity sound.

    Track listing

    1. What a difference a day makes
    2. Come rain or come shine
    3. My funny valentine
    4. Smile
    5. I thought about you
    6. Hey there
    7. Unforgettable
    8. Autumn leaves
    9. Laughing at life
    10. Always on my mind
    11. What a wonderful world

    STS Digital STS Test Demo CD, Master Recordings (STS6111134)

    The first STS / Siltech audiophile CD.

    The Marantz organisation stopped producing their one a year hybrid CD/SACD 'masterworks' in 2012. STS were hoping to find another audio Company to step into this role, Siltech have risen to the challenge and are sponsoring this STS Test Demo CD, offering you their 'Master Recordings'.

    This volume 1 is CD only, as the SACD market is so small now, it was felt right to concentrate on CD replay discs, leaving higher resolution options for microSD card albums in the future.

    Volume 1 has a good selection of beautifully re-engineered tracks, bringing out the natural musicality and dynamics, as only STS Digital seem to know how.

    Track listing:

    1. Pink Panther Theme - Plas Johnson
    2. Tu es la - Philippe Elan
    3. Hold On - Max and Esmay Luck
    4. Sunny get blue - Nat King Cole
    5. Wailin Wall - Wiles Ingwersen
    6. Hick ups - Harry Sacksioni
    7. The devil may care - Eleonora Holiday
    8. Homeward bound - Blues Company
    9. Dream about you - Eva
    10. Let me down easy - Ricky Peterson
    11. Take my mother home - Harry Belafonte
    12. Jazz traditional - The Dutch Swing College Band
    13. La Rosita - Coleman Hawkins & Ben Webster
    14. Live samba - George Carlo
    15. English folksong - Ron and Marco